About Aynsley

Hello and thanks for coming by!  

I've been into this music thing since before I was born (my Dad used to blast Beethoven while I was in utero apparently).

For as long as I can remember music has been an unwavering source of soul food for me.  When I share my music I feel like a kid in a candy store.  In highschool I used to write out lyrics while sitting in the halls.   I wrote my first song while in New Zealand on a youth exchange trip. I used to wear out cassette tapes by pressing the rewind button so many times.  (Millennials: do you know what those are?)  ;) 

Well jog forward to today and I must say that lately life has been quite busy!     

I recently found a new co-writer (see photo)...  Even before he was born Denver was inspiring me to write new songs.  I'm very excited to say I've got a handful ready to record very very soon!  

I've got butterflies in my stomach just thinking of their release and I can't wait to hear what you think. I would love to keep you posted so please sign up for my Newsletter or Follow me on Facebook.  I promise not to Spam you...well, maybe just a bit LOL ...just kidding!!

Be Well and Be You.

xo Ayns 

December, 2018



Firemen...true love...loss… These are just a few of the themes explored by songstress Aynsley Saxe on her newest album, Take Me As I Am.  Aynsley released her album to a fire-capacity crowd at Hugh's Room in Toronto in April, 2013.

Her feature single, "Stop, Drop & Roll (The Fireman Song)" was released in November 2012 as a CD single & free digital download. Even before the recording was finished, its teaser
preview on YouTube attracted over 850 views and a tv commercial licensing deal for the Saskatchewan Professional Fire Fighters Calendar. The commercial aired provincially from October through December, 2012 on Global TV to raise money for the Burn Fund.   Aynsley is now preparing to launch the Official Video "Stop, Drop & Roll (The Fireman Song)"  which will feature firefighters from around the world and the good they do for the charities they support.

But it's not all about the firemen.  Take Me As I Am strikes a balance between hilarity and vulnerability. Known for her piano-driven ballads reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan and Jewel, Aynsley takes listeners on an emotional journey where they may find themselves reaching for Kleenex in one song and laughing out loud the next.   

Ever a student of her craft, Aynsley began songwriting while on a youth exchange in New Zealand. She has since written scores for internationally acclaimed short films, performed sold-out shows in Toronto, and studied with well known songwriters and vocal coaches across Canada and the United States.

As a classically trained pianist, her beginnings were founded listening to Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen who were regular contributors to the soundtrack of her childhood. Her fascination with lyrics grew through the years, influencing her to eventually graduate with an Honours B.A. in English/Film from the University of Western Ontario. During her time in school Aynsley also discovered energy healing, eventually becoming an accredited Reiki teacher and practitioner. 


"Been loving your CD!  Very talented, great sound, great style!  
A diamond in the rough.  CD is smooth, sultry and a lil bit sexy!  Refreshingly!

Stu Berketo, radio host

"It's about time firefighters got the anthem they deserve."

Melissa from Edmonton

"Listen to a preview of this smokin' song about firemen...We love it!"
Toronto Fire Fighter Calendar (on their Facebook page July 24, 2012)

"This song sounds great.
Could we arrange for permission to use the teaser to help promote
the calendar in our Global TV PSA?"

Saskatchewan Professional Fire Fighters Calendar

"You have to hand out CPR lessons with your Fireman CD
because it knocked us out!"


"I've been playing it continuously...I think you've hit a home run."