True love, loss, firemen... These were just a few of the themes explored by singer/songwriter Aynsley Saxe on her first album, Take Me As I Am (released 2013).   Take Me As I Am was released to a fire-capacity crowd at Hugh's Room in Toronto and even touted a firetruck and firemen welcoming guests at the door.   The night was full of fun surprises and raw emotion with listeners laughing out loud one minute and reaching for Kleenex the next.  Even before Aynsley's first single dropped, The Saskatchewan Firefighters Calendar heard the teaser preview of "Stop, Drop & Roll (The Fireman's Song)" and  licensed it in their TV commercial promoting their 2012 calendar.    
Aynsley has recently released two more singles including Covid-19 inspired "Together in the Glow" (April 2020) as well as "Beautiful Tomorrow" released on Earth Day 2019.  Beautiful Tomorrow is meant to inspire positive change for our planet and was inspired by a whale found with 80 plastic bags in its stomach.  It features vocalist Kevin Reid and 20 youth singing background vocals.  

Ever a student of her craft, Aynsley seeks to write from a place that will heal, uplift, inspire and connect us to each other. She began songwriting while on a youth exchange in New Zealand and her fascination with words and lyrics continued through the years leading her to eventually graduate with an Hon. B.A. from the University of Western Ontario in English/Film. During her time in school, Aynsley also discovered energy healing, eventually becoming an accredited Reiki teacher. She has since written scores for internationally acclaimed short films, performed sold out shows in Toronto, and studied with well-known songwriters and vocal coaches across Canada and the United States. 


 "Been loving your CD!  Very talented, great sound, great style!  
A diamond in the rough.  CD is smooth, sultry and a lil bit sexy!  Refreshingly!"

Stu Berketo, radio host on Take Me As I Am

"It's about time firefighters got the anthem they deserve."
Melissa from Edmonton

"Listen to a preview of this smokin' song about firemen...We love it!"
Toronto Fire Fighter Calendar (on their Facebook page July 24, 2012)

"You have to hand out CPR lessons with your Fireman CD
because it knocked us out!"


"I've been playing it continuously...I think you've hit a home run."