Beautiful Tomorrow

Aynsley Saxe

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Beautiful Tomorrow

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'Beautiful Tomorrow' is a heartfelt anthem meant to inspire positive change for our planet. It features guest vocalist Kevin Reid and the Gaudeamus children's choir. Inspired by a whale that was found with 80 plastic bags in its stomach, 'Beautiful Tomorrow' is a powerful song with a timely message.

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Stop, Drop & Roll (The Fireman Song)
  • Stop, Drop & Roll (The Fireman Song)
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Stop, Drop & Roll (The Fireman Song), released Nov. 13, 2012, is the feature single from the album Take Me As I Am (release February 2013). This physical CD will be mailed to you.

Co-produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by John Jamieson at Aynsley Saxe (vocals), Tom Evans (drums), John Jamieson (keyboard), Adam Langley (electric guitar), Dennis Papadatos (bass guitar) and Carson Freeman (tenor sax).


Copyright 2012 Aynsley Saxe (SOCAN). All Rights Reserved.

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